Rent Out Our Drive-In Theater

There’s nothing quite like a private movie screening with your family, friends, coworkers, and all the other people with whom you’d like to spend a night out. At Coachella Valley Drive-In , we make it easy to get the theater all to yourself.

You Can Rent A Whole Movie Theater?

That’s right! Our outdoor movie theater rental is one-of-a-kind. Host a party at our movie theater or bring everyone to a private movie screening to enjoy some of your favorite films of all time with your favorite people of all time.

Our movie theater rental is perfect for parties and get-togethers like:

  • Birthdays – Get your birthday festivities started with a great film, great company, and tons of food and drinks.
  • Holidays – Got the whole family coming in for a very special holiday? Crank up the entertainment with a film at our one of a kind drive-in movie theater. There’s room for everyone!
  • Club activities – Film enthusiast groups, outdoor activity teams, and social circles can all come together for a theater rental and a night of team-building fun.
  • Youth groups – Bring your youth groups (with supervision!) to see a crowd favorite on our gigantic outdoor screen. It’s hours of entertainment for groups large and small!

Don’t forget that food and drinks are available at The Drive-In. Leave the entertainment to us when you rent our outdoor theater for your next get-together!

To Host a Private, Corporate, Fundraising Event, Concert or Show, Please Contact:

Frank Goldstin


Producers of Events + Experiences